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California Business Attorneys

We are an AV rated business law firm dedicated to delivering the highest quality services
while providing our client with practical solutions to their legal needs.


Choosing legal counsel is sometimes complicated. We believe that by spending a few minutes reviewing this brochure, you will find the answers to many of your questions about how to choose a law firm and learn enough about us to make Feldman|Berman|Schwartz LLP your partner for your legal needs.

How a law firm provides services varies widely, based on different philosophies. We believe that our philosophy sets us apart. Guided overall by our dedication to professionalism, we believe in:

• Looking at the legal aspects of our clients' problems in the context of their business as a whole. Better still, we believe in helping clients avoid problems before they arise.

• Providing legal service which takes business considerations into account, produces results quickly and economically and avoids too much "legalese".

• Building strong personal relationships with our clients, and creating a friendly working environment with them.

The practice of law is dynamic. Federal, state and local laws and regulations are complex and in a constant state of change. As a result, the most effective attorneys are those who help their clients manage and plan in accordance with those changes. At Feldman|Berman|Schwartz LLP, it is our ability to anticipate change that characterizes our approach. Being always accessible, always interested in you and your business, always focused on getting the best result in the most efficient way makes us the right choice to represent your interests.

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